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Zithertrio Popp/Laegel Volksmusik-Klassik-Salonmusik: is the title of a fantastic CD by Robert Popp, Lothar Laegel and Johannes Popp. It takes you on a tour, as the title indicates, of 12 classical, salon and folk pieces. The music is performed by the zither trio using various combinations of diskant- alt- and bass-zithers. Each piece was orchestrated with just the right blend of instrument for the music performed; any one piece not out doing another. One piece, Holz's Herbstabend, is beautifully performed as a zither solo on the quint-zither. The other pieces performed are: Haydn's Divertimento, Presto assai/ Menuetto/ Adagio/ Allegro di motto; the folktunes Weyarner Hirtenmusik, Rosl-Walzer, Polka F-Dur von den Wegscheider Musikaten and Landler aus Oberoesterreich; Duke Max of Bavaria's Bauernmarsch; Krettner's popular Toelzer Schuetzenmarsch (be forwarned the bass-zither will literally knock your sox of in this grand march); Zwerger's Die lustigen Werdenfelser - Landler; Simon Schneider's Rondino; Richard Gruenwald's Menuett & Govotte; concluding with Horton's Toccata for a Wild Old Lady.

The prize-winning trio itself was founded in 1979 on the occasion of the German musical competition "Jugen musiziert". The group has performed in person, on the radio and on TV throughout Germany and Austria. They have also performed in guest appearances in the United States and Ecuador.

This is recording is an absolute must! The music mix, orchestration and performance is absolutely enjoyable. It can be ordered for $15 + $2.50 shipping from Janet Stessl, 6173 N. McClellan Ave., Chicago, IL 60646.


  Zithermusik mit Tomy Temerson. In the earlier years of the 20th Century, when zither players were in abundance, so were zither virtuosi. In this day of just a few zither players, the virtuosi still abound. One such is Tomy Temerson who displays his talents on this CD

On Zithermusik mit Tomy Temerson, Tomy presents "pure" zither solo, performed on a Sandner zither with selections composed by Richard Gruenwald, Josef Haustein, Gernot Sauter, Freddy Golden, Georg Freundofer, Fritz Muehlhoelzl, Hans Chlumsky, Rudi Knabl, Otto Erbe and Lorenzo Barcelata.

It is a truly enjoyable recording!





Play Along with Freddy Golden...ZITHER FAVORITES

Here's a new book/cd play-along recently published by FG Productions. Zither Favorites includes 15 of some of Freddy's favorite compositions and arrangements with not one but two cd's for playing along with Freddy and his ensemble. Pieces in the book are: Janet's Waltz, Notturno in Sol, Mi Corazon, Auesberger Landler, Walzer fuer Uchi San, Georgia on My Mind, Third Man Theme, Der Weg zum Herzen, Swiss Medley, Tiefer Landler, Boarischer Medley-Amalien Polka/ Weberheissboarischer, La Rosa D'Oro, Edelweiss, Cafe Mozart Waltz and Koenigsteiner Landler.

The set comes with two cd's: one includes Freddy Golden playing the zither part--so you can hear what it sounds like--and another cd which omits the zither voice--for you to play-along. There is also a bonus--the last track on the cd is the Third Man Theme big band arrangement wihich Freddy Golden produced some years ago.

The music is printed in lead sheet form with chord symbols. Easy to read and play, you'll find this little treasure a fine addition to your musice library.

This can be ordered from Janet Stessl, 6173 N. McClellan Ave., Chicago, IL 60646 for $50.00. This price is adjusted for euro/dollar exchange rate which is somewhat against us now (Spring, 2005). If you have further questions about the set, please contact Janet at 773-631-2854 or email at

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